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Changzhou Jintan Zhicheng Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2010. The company is located in Jintan City, the hometown of the great mathematician Hua Luogeng, the hometown of Zhonghua Yifu Xiao, where the humane environment is harmonious and peaceful, and the industrial level is developing rapidly. Our company is an enterprise integrating R&D, development, production and sales. It specializes in the production of various sets of cotton spinning and cleaning equipment, textile accessories and equipment. The main products are: opener, mixed opener, single-axis opener, automatic cotton grabber, continuous vibrating cotton box, pneumatic cotton box, intelligent blowing and carding continuous cotton feeding instrument, powerful dust removal machine, Pneumatic cotton dispenser and so on. Advanced equipment + sophisticated technology + professional talents = guaranteed quality. At present, we have high-quality professional technical personnel and management personnel, as well as the world's advanced machinery and equipment.

Zhicheng Machinery has always been close to customers, taking customer needs as the goal, fully integrating the development of the enterprise into the industry, and unswervingly pursuing innovation and perfection. The products are exported to Zhejiang, Shandong, Guangdong, Xinjiang and other major textile provinces and areas densely covered by textile enterprises, and have won unanimous praise from many customers.

Zhicheng Machinery is not only new in technology, new in varieties, but also in new concepts and culture. The company actively advocates and strives to implement the modern business philosophy, people-oriented, and strive to build a modern enterprise with technological progress, scientific management, prosperous business and advanced talents. With advanced products and sincere service, we will forge ahead with the depth and breadth of the world market hand in hand with friends.

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ADDRESS:No. 109-1, Huayang North Road, Jintan City
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