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ZCJ Intelligent Cotton Box


1. Product introduction
This product is independently developed and developed by our company, and some parts are provided by foreign companies. This product adopts surface packaging technology, which greatly improves the anti-interference ability of the instrument. It has display, control, transmission, communication functions, and multi-function signal input.
This product is an intelligent automation instrument, which greatly exceeds the efficiency and stability of traditional machines and instruments. By adjusting the internal parameters, continuous cotton supply can be realized, which solves the problem of manual or semi-automatic cotton supply to the carding machine by the traditional cotton box, greatly improving the quality of cotton yarn and the efficiency of the spinning machine, and reducing power consumption and human resources.
The continuous cotton feeding controller is the hub of the complete blowing and carding cotton feeding system. Through the detection sensor installed on the cotton conveying pipeline, the data information detected in the pipeline is processed by a microcomputer and converted into an analog voltage signal, which is synchronously transmitted to In the continuous cotton feeding device, the continuous cotton feeding converts the transmitted analog signal to display the actual pressure value in the cotton conveying pipeline and compares it with the target given value on the continuous feeding panel. The feeding is obtained by the internal calculation of the computer. Input the output required by the mechanism, and then input it into the microcomputer to convert it into an analog voltage signal and input it to the front machine to control the speed of cotton feeding, thereby controlling the amount of cotton fed. It realizes the infinitely variable speed feeding to ensure the precise balance between the feeding system and the production system. That is, continuous and uniform cotton feeding is realized, and the pressure balance and stability of the cotton layer in the cotton conveying pipe and the cotton feeding box are ensured.
Accurately installed and reasonably debugged continuous cotton feeding controller can stabilize the cotton feeding system, improve the equipment operation rate, greatly reduce the waste of electric energy, reduce the failure rate, improve the quality of card sliver, reduce fiber damage and the increase of lint. There is waste of raw materials.

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